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Integrative Health Management

An Integrative approach means that we act as your partner to make sure you have all the information and options you need to reach your health goals. Sometimes you just need a little more time with a health care practitioner than you can get in a traditional medical office. Some ways that we can help include:

  • Review blood work from your primary care doctor to make sure you understand the results, and make recommendations from a prevention stand point if necessary
  • Listen to your whole health history to make sure you have seen the appropriate doctors to get the best diagnosis
  • Evaluate your genetic and family health issues to create a plan to help prevent chronic disease
  • Find ways to get you feeling better when your primary care doctor has determined that your blood work is “normal” and that you do not have any current diagnosable disease.


Naturopathic Medicine uses nature in combination with rigorous scientific methods to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. There are six principals that guide the therapeutic methods and modalities of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • First, do no harm: Naturopathic Medicine uses therapies that are safe and effective
  • The Healing Power of Nature: The body

What We Do

Spend some time with  Northwest Arkansas’s Natural Health Experts and find out what so many others have discovered about restoring health and utilizing the best, evidence-based, alternative therapies to help the body’s own healing processes.


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